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Globe One Digital, proud member of SETE

Globe One Digital is further affirming its expertise in the field of Travel Performance Marketing by joining the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE). SETE brings together tourism enterprises offering high quality services and has been supporting and promoting Greek tourism at home and abroad since 1991.

SETE aims to upgrade the quality of tourism services provided by improving the competitiveness of Greek tourism, demonstrating the indispensible role of tourism in the Greek economy. These activities are coordinated within the framework of environmental protection and with the utmost respect for and promotion of Greek culture. The Association is widely recognized by the State and entrepreneurs as a dynamic Association; one which intervenes in public consultations regarding tourism, maintains an international presence and proven track record of beneficial activities, invests in developing research and emphasizes the central role of education and training.

With its innovative and dynamic approach to integrated digital communication, Globe One Digital has proven its reputation as a truly premier marketing agency for both domestic and global brands. Whether its PPC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, CRO, or Mobile & Web development – the world’s most respected Travel brands trust Globe One Digital to provide reliable and creative solutions. By joining the most respected tourism Association, our clients will benefit from continuous, current information regarding developments in the tourism sector, including access to SETE archives, studies, and results from the latest in global tourism market research.

As a SETE member, Globe One Digital will participate directly in Association committees, meetings, events, and general assemblies – contributing, along with other members to the creation of a more favorable environment for the development of tourism and entrepreneurship; our company is aiming to play an active role as a responsible corporate citizen in Greek society.


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