Globe One Digital, based in Athens, is a digital marketing company providing services to both the Private and Public Sectors. The company's leadership is dedicated to proactive planning and ensuring effective responses to incidents and operational interruptions. The primary aim is to ensure that the Company can continue delivering on its mission to an acceptable and predetermined standard.

The Company is committed to:

  1. Placing employee safety above all else.
  2. Continually mitigating risks of disruptions to operational continuity.
  3. Proactively safeguarding the company’s assets.
  4. Rebounding quickly from challenges to consistently meet client demands.

The Company has developed robust strategies to address operational disturbances that might arise, safeguarding the interests of involved parties, preserving its market reputation, and ensuring that value-driven activities remain uncompromised. Furthermore, the Company strictly adheres to all the legal and regulatory requirements of the State and has put measures in place to consistently uphold these standards.

The Company is committed to rigorous preparation and strategic planning. Through continuous staff training, it remains ready to meet the evolving needs of its clients. The main goal is to resume regular operations swiftly after significant interruptions, ensuring a continued focus on its business objectives.

To achieve this goal, the Company has established a Business Continuity Management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 22301:2019.

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