03 August 2015
GLOBO & LinkedIn Inmail advertising: Let’s share A Success Story!

GLOBO is an enterprise mobility management and application development services provider that was on the outlook for the outmost efficient way to target opinion leaders and influencers, aiming at the right moment, with the maximum collision possible. Globe One Digital designed the LinkedIn advertising strategy, which took advantage of the Mobile World Congress event. The...

18 June 2015
Globe One Digital &, proud sponsors of Sparti FC

Our company enjoys a continuous and fruitful collaboration with the popular website; within this joined context, we are proud to announce that Globe One Digital & undertook the financial support of Sparti FC. The promising football club, expressed its gratitude by waving goodbye to the amateur football league and joining the pro category....

05 June 2015
Digital communication: create a unique digital footprint for your brand

So many companies, so many websites, so many brands. How can you help your business stand out, in the particular industry, build your digital profile and improve your online reputation? Globe One Digital‘s communication experts, share the tips you just ought to know! First things first: The dated notion of corporate identity was only related...

18 May 2015
Awesome web design: The 2015 trends

Web design incorporates a whole range of digital aspects; a creative designer is able to effect the way users interact and realize imagination in the most unexpected ways. As all digital communication, web design has tremendously evolved during the past years. Modern and fresh websites demonstrate the most characteristic web design trends emerging in 2015....

12 May 2015
Lift your Brand up: YouTube & Brand Awareness Metrics (Ad Recall)

You Tube is equivalent to popular, when it comes down to social media; every minute 100 hours of videos are uploaded and up to 30 million visits are paid daily. Apart from being the outright video source online, YouTube is also the second-larger search engine behind Google, its parent company. No surprise, marketers appreciate more...

28 April 2015
Target your perfect audience in Social Media

The world of social media marketing platforms is continually transforming; today there are more platforms to discover, more criteria to considerate, and larger audiences to engage. Small or new businesses entering the social media marketing for the first time, face a major challenge: how to find and attract their audience within this clattered social sphere?...

15 April 2015
Globe One Digital becomes a member of EDEE (Greek Association of Advertising Companies)

As from 4.1.2015, Globe One Digital, the intelligent marketing performance agency, became a tactical member of EDEE in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). This significant development signifies the beginning of a new period for Globe One Digital, which throughout the years has become a leader in the field of digital marketing in Greece....

03 April 2015
Search engine marketing: 7 Tips for success

The main advantage of SEM is that unlike most advertising forms, it doesn’t rely on interruption. Ads nowadays are literally everywhere: T.V, radio, metro signs, malls, newspapers… These techniques aim to draw attention and pass the message to people, but often fail because people are simply doing something else at the moment. On the other...

02 April 2015
2015 Tourism Awards: 3 prominent awards for Globe One Digital

This years extraordinary ceremony of the 2015 Tourism Awards...