Kaizen Gaming and the Strategic Alliance with Globe One Digital. Celebrating a Decade of Digital Triumph

14 May 2024

10 years of Remarkable Success and Growth

The decade-long partnership between Globe One Digital and Kaizen Gaming stands as a testament to innovation, resilience, and shared success. This year marks a significant milestone as we celebrate 10 years of successful collaboration and remarkable growth. Check out the video below, featuring CEOs, team leaders and key players of the winning team. The video reflects on our successes and offers a glimpse into the future we're crafting together. Enjoy and share our excitement!


A Game-Changing Partnership

Our collaboration began with the strategic promotion of the Stoiximan brand in 2013, which laid the groundwork for a decade-long partnership. It wasn't just about advertising; it was also about setup management, development, and navigating performance marketing intricacies to reach the top of the iGaming industry.

Dimitris Papoutsis, Founder & CEO of Globe One Digital, reflects on this beginning: "We started small, we grew fast, we delivered the best we could ever imagine. Three words: Love, Scale, Passion."

Globe One Digital has not only managed multiple advertising channels, but also provided business consulting, digital strategy creation, data analysis for commercial and competition factors and growth proposals. Today, our range of services extends to management-supervision of paid social media accounts and display & video advertising through programmatic platforms or direct deals.

The milestones of our collaboration are vibrant chapters in a unique growth story.   Stoiximan's rapid ascent to securing the 1st position in Market Share in Greece set the stage for strategic innovation. The introduction of Betano in Romania followed in 2016, swiftly propelling the international Kaizen Gaming premium brand to the 3rd position in branded searches. 2022 added a new chapter, with Globe One Digital participating in the launch of Betano in Bulgaria, where it quickly became one of the country’s top Online Gaming companies.

In an industry characterized by relentless growth and fierce competition, daily supervision and optimization became crucial. Google's advertising policies added complexity while external factors introduced unprecedented challenges that affected consumer habits and preferences.

These challenges were not stumbling blocks, but rather proved to be catalysts for innovation. Our joint commitment to achieving goals remained rock-solid, even in the face of unforeseen events that disrupted plans on a daily basis. This resilience defined the essence of our partnership, a journey where challenges became stepping stones to success.

Remarkable Results and Extraordinary Achievements

The results of our collaboration speak volumes. Panos Konstantopoulos, Vice President of Stoiximan, Kaizen Gaming, comments on these achievements: "Numbers speak for themselves. Amazing performance for two amazing companies."

During major global events, like the 2018 FIFA World Cup, our collaboration achieved significant performance records. We increased the advertising spend by 98.79%, which led to a staggering 610%+ increase in Stoiximan registrations. This achievement was not just about scaling up; it was about maintaining efficiency in the account, significantly dropping the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and captivating the entire demand.

The continuous success and growth of the Stoiximan brand have been pivotal in supporting Kaizen Gaming’s expansion. This growth has enabled Kaizen Gaming to expand its operations into several other markets across Europe, Africa, South and North America under the Betano brand.

Furthermore, Stoiximan's continuous efforts to grow through various sponsorships, CSR activations and a well-established digital strategy have been instrumental in achieving and retaining the 1st position in branded demand since March 2014. This accomplishment solidifies Stoiximan's status as the No. 1 operator of customer choice, a testament to our collaborative efforts in brand building and market leadership. Notably, Stoiximan ranked 3rd in organic results in just the 1st year on the most competitive keyword “stoixima".

Our partnership has resulted in technological advancements, including the implementation of key technologies that have revolutionized our approach. With 55.000+ working hours invested by the dedicated Globe One Digital team and a formidable team of over 20 people, we've seamlessly automated reporting with CRM data, ensuring real-time insights.

Moreover, our partnership has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the YouTube Ads Leaderboard Awards, IAB MiXX Hellas Awards, and E-volution Awards. Each award is a chapter in our story, a story marked by innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Looking Ahead & Gearing Up

As we celebrate this 10-year milestone, our sincere gratitude goes out to the exceptional teams at Kaizen Gaming and Globe One Digital. Together, we've crafted a unique success story.

Stay tuned for what's coming. We're not just planning big things; we're gearing up to unlock the "next level" in the digital marketing game.

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