Target your perfect audience in Social Media

28 April 2015

The world of social media marketing platforms is continually transforming; today there are more platforms to discover, more criteria to considerate, and larger audiences to engage.
Small or new businesses entering the social media marketing for the first time, face a major challenge: how to find and attract their audience within this clattered social sphere?

Here are 5 ways to help you define your target market and engage with them:

#1. Determine Your Target Audience
You can’t design a social media strategy, without first knowing exactly who your audience is. When defining your target audience, the first element you think concerns demographics: age, sex, marital status, education level, income, etc. Not all information will interest every business, so focus in the demographics that most matter to your business scopes. Second, think in terms of location. Do you address consumers only in a certain area? If so, this compulsion will further define your target audience. Third, concentrate on your target’s interests and opinions. Their likes and beliefs are related to their decision making.

#2. Analyze attitudes and desires
Draw a profile of your target audience and imagine how they behave, where do they go in their free time and which social media platforms do they like. Teenagers, for example, can be expected to have Snapchat and Instagram accounts. Professionals, can be expected to have Linked In accounts, while stay-at-home mothers usually chat in Facebook groups.
Furthermore, define what it is that your target audience likes or desires, and how you can prove useful to them. Focus on various criteria such as which industries they work in, what they read, what motivates them etc.

#3: Monitoring
Great communication always starts with listening. Listen to what people say or think about your company and try to understand the sentiment around your brand. Do they express a positive or negative opinion? Are they even familiar with your online existence?
It’s almost certain that others within your industry have already entered social media; check on them, so as to understand the voids in the industry and see the potentials gaps that your social presence can fulfil.

#4: Create incredible content
After seeing what content really appeals to your target audience, plan your strategy and start. Include fresh tactics in your strategy, such as user-generated content, key – influencers approach, opinion leaders’ recruitment, innovative contests, mobile apps etc. Feels complicated? Contact our experts in Globe One Digital to help you decide the most effective content strategy for your brand.

#5. Targeted Advertising
Use all of the above criteria to target advertising to your audience, according to each media channel. Remember that the relevant content will help you engage with your audience once you attract them to your page, blog, YouTube channel etc. There are numerous advertising opportunities in Social Media, but identifying the most effective ones and optimize is the real challenge. Let us provide you with an example: An online travel agency organizing honey moons may choose Facebook, and decide to use Custom Audience or Facebook page ads to advertise to females, “in relationship”, age 21-35, living in Athens and interested in travel.

Growing your target audience is what we specialize in Globe One Digital, so make sure you contact us for any questions!

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