Social Media Marketing


Brand awareness, conversion and retention: Social Media Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to grow your business online and engage with your audience. It is vital for your brand to have a great and consistent presence on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Snapchat.

We embrace our performance roots and successfully balance between creative storytelling delivered through engaging content and performance marketing. We focus on designing the most sophisticated social media strategy for your brand and aim to always deliver supreme outcomes.

Based on our Social Media Marketing strategy, we drive traffic, increase conversions, raise positive brand awareness and develop meaningful connections with your selected audience.


In an ever changing digital environment, we never stop learning and we adopt every new feature to your Social Media Marketing Strategy. We use the up to date social media tools, software and techniques to test, monitor, analyze, improve and evaluate our results.


Social media content is a key element for your brands remarkable success. We create and distribute relevant and appealing content, especially designed to address your target audience. Content is so powerful that it can boost the engagement, establish your brand loyalty and encourage your brands lovers to become ambassadors. We excel in community building and create devoted brand advocates ready to drive leads and sales.


Relevant and inspiring content may boost the organic reach, however Social Media Advertising has tremendous profitable results. With the advertising game now played on social advertising platforms, we develop challenging social media advertising strategies including all available features. We design tailor made advertising strategies for each Social Network and then build unique ads for each and every social media channel, according to your goals and objectives.


With more than 2 billion active users per month, Facebook is the utmost place your brand should be. Using our long-term experience and creative spirit, we insure your Facebook presence is distinct.

Goals, strategy, implementation: First we define the marketing goals, then move on to building the right Facebook strategy and finally implement our tactics to engage your Facebook audience and boost your sales.

We create fascinating content, build a community formed of actual people with a real interest towards your business and never miss the target! Our Facebook community managers focus on your buyer personas, continuously test several types of organic posts to see which achieves higher engagement and then increase the performance with sophisticated Facebook advertising campaigns.

Not only do we successfully create and manage Facebook pages, but we deeply appreciate the vast opportunities of Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is one of the most efficient types of online advertising to reach your target audience. We tie Facebook marketing performance to actual business goals and create Facebook performance advertising campaigns to deliver extreme results.

Experience, creativity, social media advertising performance and state- of- the -art technology. This is our simple, yet sophisticated in terms of implementation approach, towards structuring your outstanding Facebook performance!


YouTube, the most popular and successful video content provider, is a must have for your online marketing strategy.  So, how do you capture attention and drive high volumes?

Our first step is research. We analyze the industry and carefully select the whereabouts we will deliver interesting and engaging video content. For us, success is about realizing your brand’s objective, choose the correct tone of voice and communicate your message. Viral marketing is just the outcome of our strategy. Producing great videos is the beginning. Ensuring positive interactions with your community and guarantee maximum relevance in users’ searches is what will ultimately increase organic traffic and leads.

We implement successful YouTube Advertising strategies breaking all benchmarks, in order to reach a large target audience, increase visibility, enhance brand awareness and reach the highest ROI.

Our team is qualified with the Google Ads Video YouTube Certification and acquires global experience in YouTube and Video advertising, which allows them to integrate social media marketing and generate online sales on the spot.


LinkedIn, the leading business-focused social network for professionals and B2B content is where you have the chance to build long-term relations with your potential clients, strengthen your network and discover forward thinking professionals who may even become part of your team.

LinkedIn is a great social media to generate leads, gain attention towards your products or services and present your achievements, news or awards.

We discover, engage and convert the right people in order to make your brands’ LinkedIn strategy thrive. We set specific LinkedIn marketing objectives, communicate relevant content to the audience that matters the most for your brand and implement LinkedIn advertising campaigns. We incorporate LinkedIn Advertising to our strategy with the same performance approach, in order to promote your content on LinkedIn, boost your brand awareness, achieve conversions and drive quality traffic to your website.


Instagram, the visual sharing mobile app, is a great opportunity for creative strategies, community building and collaborations with influencers. As Instagram is constantly evolving and people keep joining it massively, we see a unique opportunity for you to engage with your audience. Since alluring images are not enough, we build tailor made strategies based on your brand’s identity and your overall goals.

We manage Instagram accounts to boost brand awareness, create networks with influencers, increase the engagement with your audience and drive sales. We treat every Instagram post as a way to communicate backstage, out of the box, unique experiences to your audience and turn every post caption to a great opportunity for community building.

Instagram Advertising is a highly effective way to inspire your audience and create a hard-to-resist experiences. We develop performance Instagram Advertising campaigns using various types pf Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads and Stories Ads that will help you reach your business goals. Advertising on Instagram is a special way tell your story and reach the audience that matters the most to you.


Twitter is a Social Network based on real – time communication with your audience. We create and maintain your Twitter’s presence by publishing authentic and relevant content for your targeted audience. Our key to success is the interaction we build with your followers, by providing fast and clever replies, which protect your reputation and distinguish your Twitter presence.

We establish your brand as an authority by sharing valuable information and messages with your followers. Networking is crucial on Twitter and each relevant hashtag is an opportunity for incorporation and dialogue. Twitter is a great social media channel for customer care or to show your brands personality and develop a direct relationship with your clients. Twitter is also useful regarding social crisis: we proactively include Twitter in our social media crisis management plan and effectively use the platform to prevent or manage potential incidents.

Our team’s advertising experts also specialize in Twitter advertising. We setup, track and optimize objective-based campaigns, which drive action and add value to your business. We create Twitter advertising campaigns for a variety of business goals, from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness.


Pinterest is a powerful website traffic driver, which may be an important part of your overall social media strategy. We implement Pinterest SEO and use powerful CTAs to attract the right people, generate visually attractive content and set specific goals for your pins.

Our strategic approach is based on coordinating Pinterest with your overall e-commerce strategy, discovering creative ways to convert users into buyers and integrating other social media, aiming to take full advantage of cross-platform posting.

Do you want to reach a new audience that may even belong to different generation? Pinterest advertising helps in maximizing the reach of popular posts and boosts awareness. We manage the promotion of your precious Pins to the world with exclusive Pinterest Advertising. We help Pinners take action, complete a purchase or visit your website and increase the engagement with your beloved audience.


Snapchat with its more youth – centered philosophy, attracts big brands and influencers from all over the world. We analyze your buyer personas and include this funky social media in our social media strategy, when we are certain it presents a major opportunity for your business to reach out to younger customers and influencers with great potential.

We develop Snapchat strategies for your brand, focusing on storytelling. We produce original and engaging stories and we aim to inspire user-generated content as the best way for your audience to tell your story on your behalf.

Most Snapchat users are also online shoppers, therefore it is no wonder why Snapchat Advertising is so important. We manage cost – effective snapchat ads by implementing various add types such us Snap’s Sponsored Lenses, geofilters and ad snaps!