Reaching Google Champion Status in Smart Bidding

31 марта 2020
Globe One Digital, with over 20 years of operation, is very proud to now be a Certified Google Digital Champion in Smart Bidding. This brings Globe One Digital, which has offices in three different countries and has been awarded with 40+ distinctions to a higher level in Google Performance and Marketing.

Recently our PPC Team was invited by Google to participate in an international Google Premier Partners training. After successfully completing the Smart Bidding training, they then offered an intensive in-house training to our internal teams, bringing forth the most contemporary knowledge in this area of digital marketing.

A deeper knowledge in Smart Bidding enables us to offer our esteemed clients higher performance targets and significantly improve their revenue and profitability. In addition, our teams can utilize Google performance reporting tools that offer sharper insights in our client’s bidding performance and troubleshoot at a faster and more effective rate.

Our biggest passion is taking your performance and efficiency to the highest peak!

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