Globe One Digital sponsors e-volution Awards 2016

30 новембар 2015

Globe One Digital is proud to support e-volution Awards 2016, the greatest local e-Commerce event, organized by the Laboratory of Electronic Commerce, ELTRUN, Athens University of Economics and Boussias Communications.
For the fifth consecutive year, e-volution awards will highlight the growth and maturity trends of the industry, recognizing best practices in e-Commerce and e-Business.
This year, e-volution awards, in cooperation with GRECA, will select the best Greek e-shop (B-C), which will represent Greece at the European E-Commerce Awards, at the World Conference e-Commerce, in Barcelona. Moreover, for the first time, smaller but innovative online stores are able to claim their own prize, i.e. a distinction in e-Commerce.
The event will reward the most innovative and effective actions of brands and agencies in the ​​e-Commerce world. The Awards Committee, apart from industry experts, university professors and representatives of the organizations supporting the event, will also include prominent industry experts, as well as executives from e-Commerce sites and agencies.
The awards ceremony will take place at the Athens Megaron (Hall Banquet) on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 19:30.

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