Globe One Digital Partners with Media Strom to Transform the Sleep Industry

05 јун 2024

Globe One Digital is delighted to announce a new partnership with Media Strom, a pioneering leader in the Sleep Industry in Greece. This collaboration marks our first venture into this dynamic sector, and we are excited to contribute to its ongoing growth and innovation. Media Strom is a leading brand with an extensive range of sleep products, including linens, mattresses, bed covers, pillows, furniture, sleep accessories, and throws, catering to both retail customers and the hospitality industry.

Media Strom - A Legacy of Excellence

Media Strom has been at the forefront of the Sleep Industry for over 50 years, crafting sophisticated sleep systems that blend passion, experience, scientific expertise, and cutting-edge technology. Their mission is to design sleep experiences that provide the utmost comfort and rejuvenation.

Their product range is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. From luxurious linens and ergonomically designed mattresses to stylish bed covers and plush pillows, every item is created with the aim of enhancing the sleep experience. Media Strom's products are not only beautifully designed but also rigorously tested under extreme conditions to ensure they deliver on their promise of a restful and enjoyable sleep. Their products are of exceptional quality and feature sophisticated designs that align with the latest international trends. By continuously integrating the latest international trends and technological advancements, Media Strom has redefined sleep technology. Their unique production methods and high-level expertise set them apart, making them the largest and most respected sleep products company in Greece.

Our Vision - Leading the Way in Sleep Solutions

Our partnership with Media Strom is driven by a shared vision of maintaining their leadership position in the competitive sleep market and remaining the preferred brand for sleep solutions among consumers. We are committed to positioning Media Strom not just as a mattress retailer, but as a comprehensive sleep coach, guiding customers to achieve the best possible sleep quality.

Strategic Goals - Driving Growth and Engagement

To achieve this vision, we have outlined several strategic goals for our collaboration:

  1. Increase Online Turnover: We aim to significantly boost Media Strom’s online sales through targeted and innovative digital marketing strategies.

  2. Enhance Physical Store Traffic: By leveraging our expertise in digital campaigns, we will drive more foot traffic to Media Strom’s physical stores, enhancing their in-store customer experience.

  3. Market Media Strom as a One-Stop Sleep Solution: We will rebrand Media Strom as the ultimate destination for all sleep-related needs, highlighting their comprehensive range of products and services.


Addressing Challenges - Turning Goals into Reality

These inspiring and ambitious goals come with their own set of challenges. Increasing online turnover requires a nuanced understanding of digital consumer behavior and the deployment of effective e-commerce strategies. Similarly, driving traffic to physical stores demands a seamless integration of online and offline marketing efforts. Lastly, repositioning Media Strom as a holistic sleep solution provider involves a robust branding and communication strategy.

Looking Forward to an Exciting Future

We are incredibly optimistic about the future of our collaboration with Media Strom. This partnership inspires us to explore new opportunities and push the boundaries of innovation in the Sleep Industry. Together, we are poised to achieve remarkable success and set new standards in sleep solutions.

We extend a warm welcome to Media Strom and express our sincere gratitude for their trust in our expertise. We look forward to a successful and transformative partnership that promises to drive outstanding results for Media Strom and significant advancements in the industry.





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