Globe One Digital's Meaningful Contribution to Child Protection and Mental Health Advocacy

15 noiembrie 2023

In the heart of societal responsibility, Globe One Digital actively participated in the impactful 'Act for the Future II' organized by EXELIXI ZOIS. This participation underscored our commitment to advancing child protection and mental health advocacy in Greece. Deputy CEO Nikos Kapetanakis delivered a compelling message, articulating the sincerity of our dedication to these critical societal issues.

Held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center on November 6, 2023, the event represented more than a mere conference—it was a pivotal moment towards collaborative reform in child welfare. By convening key stakeholders, it provided a platform to construct a network dedicated to supporting vulnerable youth, aligning seamlessly with modern institutional mandates for social responsibility.

Globe One Digital's role with EXELIXI ZOIS has evolved beyond digital support, transforming into a tangible commitment. We are now sponsors of a child's educational journey, symbolizing our belief in proactive contribution and the transformative power of corporate social responsibility to enact real change. For a deeper insight into our commitment, explore the details of this sponsorship here.

Our actions echo a deeper philosophy: the well-being of at-risk children is inseparable from the health and prosperity of our society. By championing digital innovation and educational support, Globe One Digital aims to be more than just a participant in the conversation—we aspire to be architects of the solution. Learn more about our journey with EXELIXI ZOIS here.

Let’s collectively work towards fostering a more inclusive and secure future for our youth!

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports EXELIXI ZOIS, with a Founding Grant.




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