Beyond the Awards: Stories & Insights Behind Our Success at the Tourism Awards 2023

30 mai 2023

We are delighted to announce that Globe One Digital has achieved an exceptional accomplishment, winning 7 Awards at the Tourism Awards 2023, organized by Boussias Events. The Ceremony of the 10th edition of the Tourism Awards was held on April 27 at the Grand Hyatt Athens, in front of an audience of leading companies and key leaders.

With great pride and excitement, we present to you our 7 Tourism Awards that reaffirm our commitment to excellence in the travel and hospitality industry. In this article, we share the stories behind each distinction, and we elaborate on intricate details, interesting insights and the significant results behind each prestigious award.


Bronze Award - Online Strategy - Domus Renier Boutique Hotel “A Boutique Hotel with an Extravagant Performance”

The Domus Renier Boutique Hotel is a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel located in the center of the old port of Chania, in Crete.

Our goals were focused on achieving more conversions in Greece and abroad, while increasing revenue and overall return on ad spend (ROAS). At the same time, we aimed to highlight the hotel's brand, its history, and architectural design.

Our strategy to achieve the best possible results, involved using different types of campaigns to maximize performance. We implemented A/B testing with different messages and leveraged new technologies, among other tactics.

 The Results

Compared to 2021, we achieved the following overall results:

  • 58% more  conversions.

  • 72% higher revenue.

  • 75% increase in overall ROAS, reaching 10.19% in Google Ads.


Bronze Award - SEO Strategy - Kalimera Kriti Hotel & Village Resort “Good Morning SEO”

The Kalimera Kriti Hotel & Village Resort is a luxury 5-star resort in Crete, for which the goal was to achieve significant increases in organic traffic, organic bookings, and organic revenue through SEO optimization. Additionally, we aimed to increase organic rankings for target keywords.

In order to achieve our goals, we chose to focus our efforts on relevance and implemented a series of practices, such as technical on-page SEO, content and meta-data optimization, backlink profile analysis, designing an off-page strategy etc.

The Results

Our strategy and optimizations yielded impressive results:

  • 29,59% increase in organic traffic.

  • 75% increase in organic bookings.

  • 85,42% increase in organic revenue.

  • 34,27% increase in organic rankings for target keywords.


Bronze Award - Online Presence – Amazon Mykonos Resort & SPA - Sunset Restaurant “Recipe for a Deliciously Inviting Website”

Τhe luxurious Amazon Mykonos Resort features the Sunset Restaurant, which we were asked to promote and showcase in order to increase reservations from tourists staying in Mykonos during that period.

Our aim was to create a dynamic online presence focused and dedicated to the restaurant. The website had to have the right ingredients to become an attraction for tourists in Mykonos and not just for hotel guests.

We proceeded to create a new website specifically for the restaurant with a different name from the hotel, so it wouldn't be exclusively identified with the hotel and would serve as a separate online entity.

The Results

  • 5.000+ website clicks.

  • 520.000+ impressions.

  • 40+ conversions, either through the website or via phone reservations.

We achieved a significant increase in restaurant occupancy on average for all days, leading to increased revenue for the resort. Additionally, restaurant guests had the opportunity to become familiar with the resort's brand beyond the restaurant, encouraging future accommodation bookings.


Bronze Award - User Interaction – Dana Villas & Infinity Suites “The Influence of a True Luxury Experience”

The Dana Villas & Infinity Suites is a luxury complex in Santorini, built on the Caldera with breathtaking views and suites featuring private infinity pools. The location, views and sunsets have been captured in numerous photos posted on social media.

Each post receives numerous likes and comments, which raised the following question: How could the memories and experiences of the guests serve as a tool to build greater brand awareness and differentiate the hotel brand from the competition, making it the top choice.

Our response to the challenge came in the form of three objectives:

  1. Strengthening brand awareness and brand distinctiveness to stand out from the competition, focusing on the luxury characteristic.

  2. Creating content to fuel advertising efforts targeting both the general public and specifically the luxury tourism audience.

  3. Increasing bookings and revenue for the year 2022.

The channels used were Facebook and Instagram.

The Results

  • 173,42% increase in reach – Facebook.

  • 121,06% increase in reach – Instagram.

Also, the average engagement per post increased by 127,4% compared to 2021, and on Instagram it increased by 271,6% within the year.

Additionally, there was a parallel increase in Facebook and Instagram following, with Instagram showing a 44.0985% increase compared to 2021, and Facebook a 29.0323% increase. Furthermore, the social media participation in the hotel's overall bookings reached 17,72%.


Silver Award - SEO Strategy: Galaxy Hotel Iraklio - "Galaxy is our SEO limit"

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is a 5-star hotel located in Heraklion, Crete, which underwent a complete renovation in 2022. The renovation process posed a challenge for the hotel's visibility and promotion.

In 2022, we launched the new Galaxy Hotel website, designed and developed by our company. The goal was to achieve greater relevance and authority through the renewal of its online image. We aimed to achieve increased organic traffic, organic bookings, and organic revenue through SEO optimization, as well as an increase in organic rankings for target keywords. Additionally, with the hotel's refreshed image and the new website, we worked on building greater awareness around the brand.

The Results

  • 136,99% increase in Organic Traffic.

  • 192,06% increase in Organic Bookings.

  • 192,08% increase in Organic Revenue.

  • 88,40% increase in Organic positions for target keywords.


Gold Award - Last-minute & Deal Site Sales/ Online Sales - Attika Reisen Last-minute Offer “First Success with a Last-minute Challenge”


Attika Reisen is one of the leading travel agencies in Germany, specializing in tourism in Greece and having many years of experience. They recently became part of our client portfolio, and the beginning of our partnership posed a challenging task as it involved a race against time to implement one of our new client's most powerful promotional campaigns swiftly and effectively.

We were called upon to implement a Last-minute offer on their website, which involved a €100 coupon for any package booked by users. The challenge we had to face was the fact that, although our collaboration had just begun, we had to quickly determine our strategy and coordinate all the necessary actions to be taken.

The Results

With quick reflexes and appropriate planning, we achieved exceptional results. Our experience in the tourism industry played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes within the given timeframe.

The overall revenue results were highly positive, with the client experiencing a 56% increase from the beginning of the campaign compared to the previous year. Additionally, the Return on Ad Spend (Roas) reached 22.34 within the first 15 days of the campaign, considering all our promotional efforts.


Gold Award - Multichannel Marketing Strategy - Wyndham Grand Mirabello “Revamped & Optimized”

Wyndham Grand Mirabello is a 5-star hotel located on the renowned beach of Agios Nikolaos in Crete. The challenge we faced was that the hotel underwent a complete renovation in 2022. The renovation resulted in new luxurious facilities that made it stand out in its category, which is what had to be showcased and aligned with the brand.

We chose a multichannel approach to strategy to achieve better results, which is why our approach was based on three directions:

1.Social Media

Our goal for organic social media was to promote the hotel to the Greek audience as much as possible and create significant brand awareness for the summer season.

The Results - Social Media

  • 129% increase in Facebook Page Reach.

  • 462,4% increase in Instagram Reach in 2022, with an average post engagement increase of 4.1%.

  • 53,7% increase in total Facebook following.

  • 112,071% increase in Instagram following.

2. Media

The most significant challenge for promoting Wyndham Grand Mirabello was that the hotel's renovation and the branding efforts needed to be carried out simultaneously with sales.

The Results - Media

  • 188% increase in total Roas, compared to 2021.

  • 103% increase in traffic compared to 2021.

  • 177% increase in total conversions.

  • 435% increase in total revenue.


Utilizing our expertise in Search Engine Optimization for tourism accommodations, we developed a specific action plan to achieve greater relevance and authority.

The Results - SEO

  • 68,19% increase in organic traffic.

  • 318,75% increase in organic bookings.

  • 65,33% increase in organic revenue.


As we conclude the presentation of the success stories that led to 7 Tourism Awards in 2023, we would like to thank our team members for their amazing work and our partners for trusting and supporting us throughout our journey.

With a renewed commitment and a clear vision for the future, we will continue to redefine Tourism in Greece and revolutionize the hospitality industry. Our unstoppable passion for excellence will continue to set new industry standards, as we are more determined than ever to leave our mark in the industry.

Get in touch here and let’s talk about great ideas, tailor-made strategies and ingenious plans that will transform your business, in a way you never thought possible!


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