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Globe One Digital won the Gold Award for the Best Use of Search Marketing Strategy for AirFastTickets and the Silver Award in the same category for Grecotel Hotels & Resorts.

Tourism Awards 2014 were organized by Boussias Communications and the magazine “Hotel & Restaurant” under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and recognized projects aiming to promote excellence and innovation in the fields of Travel, Hospitality and Leisure. The Judging Committee included internationally recognized academics, experienced consulters and practitioners along with well-known personalities. The ceremony for the Tourism Awards 2014 took place on Tuesday 8th of April and more than 350 senior executives from the largest companies in the fields of tourism, travel, hospitality, marketing and communication attended the event.

Globe One Digital celebrated the Gold Award for Best Use Of SEO & SEM strategy for AirFastTickets, which is an international online travel agency operating in five countries. The overall digital management contributed to the establishment of AirFastTickets as No1 Travel Brand in Greece. The innovative strategies our agency implemented managed to triple the revenue within 12 months and increased the conversion rate by 650%. Thus, the leads through Google Search & Display Advertising increased significantly, while in terms of SEO the organic traffic on a monthly basis increased up to 811.28% compared to the previous year. Furthermore with the use of technology, the constant optimization and our overall expertise we maintained the CPA at low levels.
In the same category Globe One Digital won the Silver Award for Grecotel Hotels & Resorts, memberof the leading group N. Daskalantonaki.

Our agency communicated the unique Brand identity of Grecotel online and utilized the search engines with specialized techniques in order to increase the leads, the organic traffic and conclusively the bookings. As a result of the performance advertising campaigns we managed in most countries globally, we increased the ROI up to 900 % and doubled the Digital Revenue compared to the previous year. The SEM digital strategy included tactics so as to attract targeted publics from the domestic and the global market for the following selected Luxury Resorts: Mykonos Blu, Cape Sounio, Amirandes, Corfu Imperial and Kos Imperial. It is worthy to mention that Mykonos Blu is now ranked among the 5 most popular Luxury Resorts worldwide.

These prestigious awards certify Globe One Digital’s specialty in Travel Performance Marketing and contribute to the further recognition of our agency as the leading marketing agency in the field of digital communication. Our integrated digital strategy has a two pillars approach: the valuable experience in the field of Travel and our love for innovation and advanced technology. These are the key elements which distinguish Globe One Digital as the intelligent marketing agency.

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