Search Engine Marketing

How do you help people find you online? Let’s talk about performance SEM or Search Engine Marketing! SEM includes search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. SEM is a type of internet marketing which direct users to your website and increases your online visibility and market share, by increasing paid and organic traffic.

The tremendous growth and massive use of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu, as well as SEM’s highly performing results, have established search engine marketing as one of the most important marketing channels.

Our powerful reputation in performance Search Engine Marketing is an outcome of our strategic partnerships with most of the search engines. Keyword research, competitive analysis, paid listings, PPC campaign optimization: our team of SEM experts guarantees the success of your paid advertising campaigns.

We design performance SEM strategies that grow our client’s profitability and after implementing thousands of successful campaigns for brands in various industries it is only fair to admit: we thrive on innovative SEM campaigns!


You need measurable results? Then PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is the type of advertising for you, since brands only pay once the user has clicked on an ad.

Our agency is a Google Ads certified company (Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, Analytics) & certified by Bing. We use cutting-edge technologies, excel in setting-up advanced Google Ads campaigns, Bing/Yahoo & Yandex campaigns, track results and daily optimize each PPC campaign in order to low the cost and maximize the results for your brand.


Google Ads Advertising


Our team builds strategies for a wide range of Google Ads (ex.  Google AdWords) Search Campaigns. Our thoroughness and endless improvement of our PPC practices, lead us to outperform specific KPI’s and deliver the best digital performance results for our clients. We analyze the competition, follow trends, understand big data and daily optimize Ads campaigns for specific target audiences, based on seasonality and the overall communication strategy of your brand.


We efficiently manage placement, create ads, test, allocate budget and practice efficient strategies, to achieve the most out of each Google Ads Display Network Campaign we set up for our clients. Display advertising works amazingly well for digital branding and our teams experience in different industries is the assurance for your digital marketing success.

Yahoo! / Bing / Yandex / Baidu Advertising

Based on the vast experience we gained from our global advertising case studies in Bing/Yahoo Yandex & Baidu Advertising, we do know how to drive traffic and maximize your ROI. We share your message with the entire world in meaningful ways, while we protect your brands reputation and increase your profitability.


As search engines hold a great share of online market, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of a successful online strategy. Integrating your SEM strategy with On Site & Off-Site SEO sophisticated techniques, can deliver exceptional results for your brand and we have been building our SEO expertise for more than 15 years. We strategize SEO search engine marketing, social media campaigns and display campaigns in a performance mix, which results into maximum ROI for our clients.

SEO On Site

Appearing in the top results is a challenge, since search engine algorithms regularly change. We quickly and safely adjust to the alterations, using specific SEO on site principles, endorsed by the search engines (White Hat SEO).

First, we scan, evaluate and analyze every page and every element of your website to ensure that it is entirely optimized for search engines and social networks and then we form certain strategies to achieve higher rankings, traffic, and thus greater revenues.

SEO Off Site

Search engine optimization also refers to your backlinking to other reputable websites. We develop and implement custom – made off-site SEO strategies that will uncover optimization opportunities and effectively influence rankings.

We design a combination of strategic actions that will help your website unleash its full potential. While the development of back linking strategies is without a doubt highly essential for SEO, any offsite activities that help improve the search ranking position count! A successful off – site SEO strategy includes Social Media marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, guest blogging, brand mentions and even influencer marketing.

SEO Consultancy

SEO is an ongoing procedure. We offer Search Engine Optimization Consultancy for our clients, feature website content and create new pages based on possible search volume changes and trends.

We keep up with all changes and updates regarding search engine optimization and test beta features as soon as they are launched. Our interminable persistence in learning, testing and improving is the key for our long term relationships.