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GLOBO & LinkedIn Inmail advertising: Let’s share A Success Story!

GLOBO is an enterprise mobility management and application development services provider that was on the outlook for the outmost efficient way to target opinion leaders and influencers, aiming at the right moment, with the maximum collision possible. Globe One Digital designed the LinkedIn advertising strategy, which took advantage of the Mobile World Congress event. The annual congress in Barcelona, Spain turned out to be a prominent opportunity for the innovative company, in order to communicate with its target audience of business and IT decision-makers, mobile application developers, software technology vendors and value added resellers.

The strategic decision to use Sponsored InMail, with a view to reaching influencers through their LinkedIn inbox when online, led to such amazing results, that the LinkedIn team, based in Dublin, Ireland, decided to include our campaign as a best success story for LinkedIn Inmail advertising case study.

Globe One Digital strategically chose Sponsored InMail, because it offers real-time control and secures impact at the top of the LinkedIn inbox. Moreover, LinkedIn is an established B2B platform for engaging senior executives in a professional approach.

Our goal features two main axes: to promote GLOBO at the Mobile World Congress, by ensuring meetings and presentation opportunities with experts & to raise simultaneously awareness towards the company as a leader of the enterprise mobility space.

The GLOBO campaign accomplished 100% deliverability, marking 72% Open Rate, way above the general benchmark. Thus, the Sponsored InMail campaign generated a 69% increase on the meeting enquiries compared to the figures of the previous year.

­ Aggelos Grypaios, VP of Marketing and Business Development at GLOBO, stated: “We are very impressed with the results that Sponsored InMail and Display Ads on LinkedIn have delivered. We now plan to build Sponsored Updates into our thought-leadership planning, to create an ‘always-on’, multi-product strategy on LinkedIn.”

Therefore, following the success of the Mobile World Congress campaign, which turned into a LinkedIn best case study, we are currently developing an integrated LinkedIn strategy that will incorporate Sponsored Updates, Display Ads and targeted Sponsored InMail.

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