Celebrating a New Business Partnership & Opportunity!

20 декември 2022

We are excited to announce Attika Reisen has joined our growing business network in Europe. Our new partner, has chosen us for our deep expertise and broad experience in the Travel Industry, to guide and manage a holistic digital transformation.

Attika Reisen

✓ Is a leading German tour operator with more than 6.000 German & Austrian travel agencies partners & more than 1.200 hotels in Greece & Cyprus.

✓ Has more than 45 years of experience in the Leisure, Travel & Tourism industry, offering a wide range of exceptional and distinctive travel services:

  • 1.200 carefully selected hotels in all categories, family-run guesthouses, studio and apartment complexes, traditional country houses and villas.

  • Special programs, vacation packages, air tickets, rental car, round trips and other tailor made and exceptional travel options.

✓ Specializes in a wide range of high-quality accommodations, distinctive tours and top-notch travel services

The Goals

  • Optimize the direct sales performance.

  • Optimize the online presence and infrastructure.

  • Develop a continuous consultancy framework between the partners.

Our Roadmap

  • Audit and Analysis

  • Develop and optimize continuous consultancy

  • Deliver and growth

The Two-Year Plan

Maximize the extraordinary dynamic of Attica Reisen and to transform it into the #1 platform for incoming tourism from Germany.

The Vision

Blending our performance driven expertise with the highly specialized travel services of Attika Reisen, creates a unique opportunity to transform the needs and expectations of modern travelers, into extraordinary experiences.

The Evolution

 Transformation is much more than a change. It’s evolution!

Digital transformation is not just a modern aspect of today’s business world. It is the core of evolution and those who choose to remain in past or present strategies, are destined to miss the future.

This new business partnership is filled with amazing opportunities and even greater plans. More updates to follow soon!


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