Globe One Digital receives a 9/10 client satisfaction score in first ever annual client survey

24 март 2022

True to our commitment to provide remarkable services and continuously evolve to exceed our clients’ expectations, we ran our first client satisfaction survey to better understand our customers’ experience and areas in which we can improve.

It was very encouraging that our clients responded positively to our request for feedback, which ensured that we were able to holistically assess our performance through a representative sample.

We are proud to have received a satisfaction score of 9/10 for the standard of services we provide, with 95% of our partners indicating they would highly recommend our services to other businesses. Most importantly, we gained an in-depth understanding of how we can upgrade our work to better serve them.

Maria Kromida, Head of Account Management at Globe One Digital, stated: “The results we received are extremely positive and fill our team with pride. It is truly a demonstration of everyone at our company working tirelessly, with a dedication to providing innovative and bespoke solutions to our clients’ most demanding challenges. We want to thank our partners for their trust and valuable feedback and assure them that we will continue to enhance our services and capabilities to exceed their expectations”.

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