Globe One Digital Proudly Sponsors Zoe Andrikopoulou: Empowering Women in Sports

05 aprilie 2024

We're proud to announce our latest step in our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): a partnership with the exceptional Zoe Andrikopoulou, a professional female runner in 800m, 1500m, 3000m with natural obstacles, and 5 km. This sponsorship aligns seamlessly with our CSR strategy, which places a strong emphasis on the empowerment of sports and athletes. We are inspired by their passion for performance and their commitment to excellence, distinctive qualities that perfectly align with our values. At Globe One Digital, our relentless pursuit of excellence mirrors the dedication and passion exhibited by athletes in their pursuit of peak performance. It is this shared commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving success that has led us to proudly sponsor Zoe Andrikopoulou, a distinguished professional female runner. In sponsoring Zoe, we aim to celebrate and empower athletes who embody the same values we believe in. Our dedication to fostering the spirit of performance and excellence aligns with the distinctive qualities exhibited by athletes, making this sponsorship a testament to our commitment to supporting athletes who share our unwavering pursuit of success.

Meet Zoe Andrikopoulou: A Champion with a Vision

Born in Budapest and raised in Kamena Vourla, Zoe completed her education at SEFAA Athens in 2014 and has since been professionally immersed in coaching and fitness. Zoe is not just a champion in medium and long distances but also a graduate of the Faculty of Science of Physical Education and Sports.

From the age of 14, Zoe has been making waves in the athletic world, clinching numerous Panhellenic victories in 800m, 1500m, 3000m with natural obstacles, and 5 km. Despite facing significant challenges, such as a major injury requiring surgery, she triumphed with a Panhellenic 1500m victory in 2018. Zoe's ultimate goal is to continuously improve, set individual records, participate in European championships, and, above all, fulfill her lifelong dream of representing Greece in the Olympic Games.

She faces numerous obstacles that many young athletes encounter, primarily the lack of support from federations. Without family support, athletes like Zoe find themselves balancing rigorous training with work, making their journey even more challenging. Sponsorships play a crucial role in easing this burden, providing recognition for their efforts and acting as a steppingstone towards greater achievements.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, Zoe Andrikopoulou reflects on the invaluable support from Globe One Digital, stating, "I am incredibly thankful to Globe One Digital for their sponsorship. This support is not just financial; it's a driving force that fuels my performance and passion for excellence. With their support, I am one step closer to achieving my dreams. Thank you, Globe One Digital! "

Globe One Digital's CSR Initiatives and Strategy:

Globe One Digital proudly supports and stands by athletes, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the vital advancement and fortification of sports in our country. We champion individuals who go above and beyond daily, distinguish themselves through their utmost dedication, and communicate through impactful actions. These athletes exemplify that goals and dreams are perpetually attainable and ready to be conquered.

Globe One Digital's History of CSR and Sports Support:

Our legacy of supporting sports-related ventures dates back to well before the 2004 Olympic Games, during which we were selected to offer our marketing services. We have been proud collaborators with online gaming companies, sports influencers, advisors, equipment companies, and creators of sports web portals. Over the last few years, we have sponsored three men's soccer teams (Ilyssos Rhodes/ AO. Sparta/ SA Parou), the SPORTING women's basketball team, the women's volleyball team of Ilioupolis, and Antonis Papakonstantinou, the rowing champion in Greece. You can read more about our support to Antonis here.

Reflecting on the shared journey with Zoe Andrikopoulou, Dimitris Papoutsis, Founder & CEO at Globe One Digital, shares his sentiments: "We remain steadfast in our commitment to initiatives that empower and uplift athletes and sports. We are passionate about championing excellence and draw inspiration from the ethos and determination of young athletes, distinct traits that are an integral part of Globe One Digital’s culture as well."

At Globe One Digital, we firmly believe that our support for athletes like Zoe extends beyond the realms of sports – it's a commitment to shaping a brighter and more inclusive future. As we continue to champion performance and excellence, we aspire to be torchbearers in the journey to empower athletes and sports. Together, we can break barriers, set new standards, and pave the way for a generation of empowered and resilient athletes who inspire us all.





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