Globe One Digital in a Strategic Partnership with SFEE on a Pioneering Digital Transformation

13 martie 2024

Globe One Digital is proud to announce a new strategic collaboration with SFEE (Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies), a leading organization in the pharmaceutical industry. SFEE has entrusted Globe One Digital with their digitalization journey, including the creation of a new website and a refreshed digital identity. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for SFEE as they embark on a new chapter of digital innovation and engagement.

SFEE stands as a respected and influential organization, bringing together prominent pharmaceutical companies in Greece. With a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to advancing patients’ access to established as well as new and innovative medicines, expressing the views of the pharmaceutical sector, SFEE plays a vital role in promoting innovation, ensuring patient safety, and driving industry growth. Globe One Digital is honored to contribute to their journey of digital transformation, leveraging our expertise to enhance SFEE's digital presence.


Creating a Fresh and Contemporary Image

SFEE has entrusted Globe One Digital with the task of repositioning their brand and crafting a new image. The collaboration focuses on expressing SFEE's new vision and creating a fresh and contemporary image with innovative features, user-friendly navigation, and easy access to information for SFEE members. Through this collaboration, Globe One Digital aims to breathe new life into SFEE's digital identity, combining modern aesthetics with seamless functionality.

Empowering SFEE with Innovative Solutions

The decision of SFEE to collaborate with Globe One Digital underscores their dedication to embracing digital transformation and leveraging innovative marketing strategies. As a trusted digital marketing agency with a proven track record, Globe One Digital excels in developing and implementing effective digital solutions for our partners. SFEE recognized our expertise and industry leadership, trusting us to tailor our services to their specific needs as they embark on this transformative digital journey.

Cutting-Edge Website Development

We have already designed and developed a cutting-edge website for SFEE. The new website showcases SFEE's initiatives, publications, events, and member companies, serving as a powerful digital hub. The new website represents SFEE's principles and vision, having cutting-edge technology, modern design, and an intuitive user interface/user experience (UI/UX). Despite the challenges of transferring a large volume of data from the previous site, we have successfully implemented the new website, preserving SFEE's valuable archive.

A Trusted Partnership for Digital Growth

As SFEE's trusted partner, Globe One Digital is committed to delivering exceptional results and helping them navigate the digital landscape with confidence. We aim to create a digital presence that aligns with SFEE's esteemed reputation and has a positive impact on their digital growth.


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