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Globe One Digital: Gold Sponsor of the Tourism Awards 2014!

We are Celebrating Excellence in Travel & Hospitality!

Globe One Digital is the Gold Sponsor or the Tourism Awards, which acknowledge and reward the best practices and the most innovative initiatives in the field of tourism.
Tourism Awards address to all companies and organizations of the tourism industry that have implemented strategic or significant practices, which had lead into successful results.

The evaluation of the submitted entries will be conducted by a prestigious Jury Committee based on the information which have been provided by the participants. The selection criteria for each award will also be taken into account.
The independent members of the Committee have been selected on the basis of their professional and scientific backgrounds, along with their experience and expertise related to the subject of the awards.

The categories of the Tourism Awards are: Strategy & Innovation, Customer Service & Experience, Specialty Offering, Architecture & Design, Branding, Public Relations & CSR, Digital & Social Marketing, Technology, Operations, Sustainability, Gastronomy, People Strategy and Travel & Transportation. The company that will receive at least 3 prizes in the same category will be also awarded with the Grand Award.

Globe One Digital’s specialty in Travel Performance Marketing over the past years has resulted into the recognition of our agency as the top marketing agency in the field of digital communication.
Conclusively, the undertaking of the golden sponsorship for the Tourism Awards certifies our major interest for Travel & Hospitality.
We wish the best of luck for all companies and we are looking forward to the fascinating event, which will be held on April 2014!

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