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Globe One Digital excels in YouTube Pulse

February 6th,2015 – Athens’ Cultural Centre «Hellenic Cosmos»:

Google, in collaboration with 100 of the most prominent companies and brands in the advertising industry, partook in an exclusive event showcasing the potentials of YouTube with best case studies.

Globe One Digital is proud to have brought home the YouTube “Audience Ad Award” for the video “Στοίχημα Μουντιάλ με Παπαβασιλείου – Κοντοπίδη – Stoiximan Διαφήμιση”. (Uploaded by: StoiximanTV | Creative Agency: 4WISEMONKEYS).

For the first time in Greece, Google has published the ‘’YouTube Ads Leaderboard’’, setting out 10 of the top creative advertisements viewed by Greek audiences in 2014. Adverts are evaluated by way of a unique algorithm, incorporating both paid and organic views, as well as duration of average user viewing, per video.

But why is this important? YouTube, and video exchange in general, is no passing fad. Each day, millions of users watch and interact with videos as members of a continuously expanding online community. With more than 300 hours of videos posted per minute, and more than 1 million unique users per month, YouTube is by far one of the most popular online platforms.  Furthermore, in Greece, more than 6 million people use YouTube as their primary source of entertainment (98%) and news updates (75%), not to mention their communication and interfacing activities (65%).

For these reasons, Globe One Digital supports YouTube strategies which aim to develop commercial exposure by way of mutual communication experiences between brands and their audiences. Globe One Digital has managed to achieve more than 10,000 Video Views in the area of advertising, positioning us amongst the crème de la crème of YouTube digital agencies.

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