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Digital communication: create a unique digital footprint for your brand

So many companies, so many websites, so many brands. How can you help your business stand out, in the particular industry, build your digital profile and improve your online reputation?

Globe One Digital‘s communication experts, share the tips you just ought to know!

First things first: The dated notion of corporate identity was only related to logos and visual design; however, over the years, this very term encompassed additional elements of communication and further evolved into the concept of “corporate image”.

Corporate image includes attributes of symbolism (e.g. logos, style), communication (e.g. corporate advertising, events, publicity, promotions) and behavior (e.g. employees and management’s impression on the stakeholders). The all-inclusive idea of corporate image also embraces the image that an organization has in the eyes of stakeholders.

Now, how does the above all translate, in terms of digital communication? That is quite straightforward: It’s about shifting your thinking, from the old-fashioned, marketing to the masses procedures, to a strategy of targeting vast numbers of underserved audiences, via the internet.

In Globe One Digital, we take for granted that contemporary communication integrates marketing techniques with public relations, and suggest the following tips:

Digital marketing is so much more, than just advertising
Ensure that whenever a potential customer searches for your product category, your brand does appear, in multiple forms; your website and your Facebook page, a press release you sent or a news article, can all serve as possible touch points.

Audiences appreciate great content
An inspiring blog, a viral video, e-brochures or other forms of valuable online content, may reassure buyers that your brand excels and easily outshines all competition! Deliver good content, at the exact moment your audience needs it most, and direct them smoothly into the purchasing process.

Dive into the social media world
Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest, make it possible for people to share and connect, at a global extent; make sure you select the most appropriate channel and start socializing with your customers.

So are you read to build an amazing digital footprint? Contact our experts and find out more!

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