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Awesome web design: The 2015 trends

Web design incorporates a whole range of digital aspects; a creative designer is able to effect the way users interact and realize imagination in the most unexpected ways.

As all digital communication, web design has tremendously evolved during the past years. Modern and fresh websites demonstrate the most characteristic web design trends emerging in 2015.

The way we consider a “nice website” has changed completely, basically because of the below innovative style attitudes:

1. The bigger the better
Cinema and TV screens have played a major role in changing the look and feel of current homepages. The main message overlaid on an inspiring image or even a video, seems to be the recipe, while often even the navigation menu is hidden on a small, three lined icon.

2. Mobile is king
The tremendous rise of mobile phones and tablets requires responsive design; this means that the user faces the same layout, despite the display device. Full screen images, high resolution and speed, add to the quality of contemporary websites.

3. The multimedia touch
It used to be the Flash platform. Now, the HTML5 Canvas element is the new favorite tool of all graphic designers, since it presents them with the ability to create great visual effects on the website.

4. Scroll, more & more
Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are a daily habit to millions of people, who are now used to “scroll” their way on all websites, from e-shops to fashion blogs.

5. Flat Design
Flat design has been a trend for quite some time. However, now talented designers take in on the next level. Imitating art techniques like collage, they play with illustrations, textures, symbols and photos, aiming as to create visual metaphors.

6. Outside of the box
Sure, a rectangle screen is the frame for every web design and each HTML element of the page is also a rectangle. But, who said web designers want to keep it that way? Quite the opposite, actually! They aim to design page layouts as though a rectangle was never a limit, using circles, hexagons and other irregular shapes.

7. Visualize the experience
Opening with a highly visual background video, you can tell it all: how you plan to provide your services, how you created your new musical album or fashion show, or how your product works. Allowing your users to download your video is an option that many web designers include in their creative armory.

Want to create an amazing website? Contact us & find out which trends will best serve your business goals!

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