Lift your Brand up: YouTube & Brand Awareness Metrics (Ad Recall)

12 May 2015

You Tube is equivalent to popular, when it comes down to social media; every minute 100 hours of videos are uploaded and up to 30 million visits are paid daily.

Apart from being the outright video source online, YouTube is also the second-larger search engine behind Google, its parent company. No surprise, marketers appreciate more and more its dynamic interactivity, in order to promote products and services.

Now, imagine you could evaluate the effect of brand advertising and optimize, resulting to maximize your campaign’s performance, within just few weeks after the launch…

Google's Brand Lift offers just that: an excellent opportunity to measure brand awareness and ad recall to comprehend the impact of your campaign.


Simply put, Google's Brand Lift provide information regarding the point, up to which your ads raise consumers’ recognition of your brand, as well as whether consumers can remember your ad or not.


Brand Lift distributes surveys utilizing robust methodology, to gather directly from thousands of respondents in real time. Two groups are separated automatically: a randomized group consisted of people who were not able to see your ad, and an exposed group of users who did watch your ad. Both groups are asked the same question, enabling us to precisely evaluate the lift generated by your campaign. Specific data may be drawn by selecting demographics, frequency, and more.


Because, by measuring brand awareness and ad recall, we can help you decide how effective your ads are in driving results. Globe One Digital’s experts will quickly provide you with accurate, detailed results and optimize your campaign, while it’s still on air. Attitudinal metrics, oppose to traditional metrics (e.g. clicks and conversions), indicate whether or not a user is really interested in your ad or not. Thus, we are able to answer key questions such as: “What is the optimal reach and frequency to maximize ad recall lift?” or “Are people who skipped my ad more aware than those who didn’t see it?”

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