The largest digital media in Greece together with Globe One Digital support “The Smile of the Child” one more time

12 October 2012

 During the months of July, August and September, the largest digital media, in coordination with Globe One Digital, hosted more than 90.000.000 impressions of electronic messages of our organization, participating this way in a very important digital media campaign.

Our aim was to raise the necessary financial funds so that “The Smile of the Child” could immediately set into operation two new houses, which are located in Aigio and Agrinio, for a total number of 60 children who are in danger today!

Once more, Globe One Digital took the initiative to support “The Smile of the Child” disinterestedly. The majority of the digital media eagerly accepted the proposal to participate in this campaign. All of them were sensitized and enthusiastic enough to distribute a part of their advertising space, for the immediate posting of our related banners.

Moreover, Globe One Digital supported this attempt through an advertising campaign in Facebook, Google Search and Adwords (net), that is advertising with jpg banners in websites that cooperate with Google!

We would like to express our gratitude to Globe One Digital as well as to the following media publishers for their significant contribution to the success of this attempt: – – – - – – - – - – – Εφημερίδα «ΕΞΠΡΕΣ» - – – - - – – - - – – - – – – - – – - - – – – – - – – - – – – - – - – – –



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