Facebook’s Graph Search: Connect like never before!

Facebook’s new search engine opens a great window of opportunity for all businesses! Graph Search is unlike any other search engine since it’s everything about people, what they share and with whom they’re connected. It’s about who you know and who knows you. If you have the right, relevant audience, then when people are asking friends of friends about your industry, Graph Search will connect them!

Its results are unique and different for everyone because they are based on the information people share on their Profile Pages and how strong they are connected with their Friends.

All that companies have to do in order to attract new audiences and appear in the search results at a higher ranking is to strengthen their connections with their contacts and keep their Business Pages up to date and well informed (name, category, vanity URL, information in the About section). Content is critical to marketing success. It makes your business visible!

The results of Graph Search are organic, though it’s possible Facebook will unveil paid search ads at a later date, based on the information the Business Page shares and the social network of the person searching. So, a Business Page that is complete and shares information, photos and videos and interacts with its connections is going to rank high in users’ relevant search results!

So, should Marketers care about Facebook’s Search Engine?

 This new search function will help people find your business and its content via Facebook and it will also make it easier for your business to reach new audiences! If you’re creating the best content in the world, and maintaining an amazing Facebook Business Page that markets that content, it’s far more likely that new audiences will stumble upon it during their point of need.

As more is revealed about Facebook Graph Search, there will be more ways to take advantage of it. Stay tuned with Globe One Digital for further information.

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