Instagram: marketing gold or not?

20 ноември 2014

Is your brand in the social media sphere? If the answer is yes, then this smartphone photo-sharing app should be part of your daily routine. If no, then Globe One Digital can offer you some valuable insights learned from early adopters of this colorful sea of user-generated content.

Launched in 2010, Instagram is unique in the world of social media. Instead of “talking” about everyday experiences, users capture them with pictures and mark them with a hashtag (#). So, if people use your product or service, chances are you’ll come up with some fascinating photos after your initial hashtag search of your brand on Instagram. We suggest you participate in these “conversations” about your brand, even if it means just liking their posts at first.

At Globe One Digital, we integrate Instagram with platforms across social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), reinforcing our client’s social media strategy. We regard Instagram not as a platform for you to continually push products, but more as a unique opportunity to humanize your brand and present other aspects of your company. Behind-the-scenes actions, employee engagement, celebrations, and outdoor photos should accompany occasionally product posts – this is how less recognizable brands have gone viral on Instagram. We monitor hashtags surrounding your brand, reach out to users posting your products, and engage with them in ingenious ways. Instagram presents an invaluable resource – we check out how people wear, discuss, and identify with your product. Once we’ve got a clear idea of your brand’s place in the conversation, we use it as an advantage to improve your brand’s online reputation.

You don’t have to be great to start, but your start should be great – contact us at Globe One Digital to meet with our Social Team and discover new ways to broaden your business!


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