Globe One Digital Wins 3 Gold & 1 Silver Marketing Achievement Awards

03 април 2024

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Globe One Digital proudly accepted 3 Gold and 1 Silver Marketing Achievement Awards for our client Coca-Cola HBC's campaign "Bring your own magic", in a special evening hosted at Radisson Blu Park Hotel. These awards underscore our passion for excellence within the Food & Beverage industry and our unwavering dedication to providing Coca-Cola HBC with innovative strategies and award-winning performance. In this article, we invite you to delve into the narratives behind each distinction, uncovering intricate details, fascinating insights, and the outcomes that led to these prestigious awards.

The Awards and Categories:

“Bring your own Magic” campaign extend across four distinct categories:

  • GOLD: 1.16 Best Marketing Strategy for Employer Branding: Be the No 1 Employer of Choice for Gen Z

  • GOLD: 1.17 Best Marketing Strategy for a Limited Budget (up to 100.000€/year): Limited Budget = Unlimited Strategic Innovation

  • GOLD: 2.13 Best Use of Social Media Marketing: Social Media Approach Tailored for Generation Z

  • SILVER: 2.9 Best Use of Performance Marketing: The Magic of Performance Marketing for the "Bring Your Own Magic" Campaign

The Award-Winning Collaboration: Globe One Digital's Story with Coca-Cola HBC

Coca-Cola HBC is among the largest bottlers of Coca-Cola globally, operating in 29 countries. The awards are a result of our collaboration with the Coca-Cola HBC Employer Branding team. Our enduring partnership with the Coca-Cola HBC company  spans a decade, while our collaboration with the Employer Branding team dates back to 2019. The services we provide encompass a wide array, including Social Media Strategy and Communication, Performance Advertising, & Strategic SEO, Reputation Management & Consulting Services.

Our collaboration has been an evolving journey, marked by shared visions, mutual trust, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. This achievement is a testament to the thriving synergy between our teams, fueled by Coca-Cola HBC's guidance and unwavering support. Their commitment to fostering a culture of employee engagement and development has inspired us to push boundaries and deliver outstanding results. Together, we've navigated challenges, celebrated successes, and continuously raised the bar for excellence. As we celebrate this milestone, we're reminded of the transformative power inherent in our collaboration, and the boundless potential it holds to shape remarkable outcomes in the future.

Reflecting on the significance of our recent achievements Maya Tsankova, Senior HR Manager & Global Employer Branding Leader at Coca-Cola HBC, extends heartfelt congratulations to both Coca-Cola HBC and Globe One Digital teams, emphasizing the power of our collaboration: “We are extremely happy to be recognized for the “Bring Your Own Magic” campaign. Congratulations to the all the teams that have worked on this. Winning these prestigious awards is a testament to the power of collaboration between Coca-Cola HBC and Globe One Digital, in a continuous search for innovation and getting closer to our talents. It's truly inspiring to witness how our common efforts have translated into tangible results with a campaign that stands close to our hearts.”

The “Bring Your Own Magic” Campaign:

We undertook the social media performance strategy and execution of the campaign for the International Leadership Trainee Program, which was implemented in the majority of countries where Coca-Cola HBC operates. The International Leadership Trainee program targets high-level talents at the beginning of their professional journey. It's designed to accelerate their international careers and to prepare tomorrow's leaders. Selected candidates have the opportunity to experience a blend of hands on tasks and impactful projects. The campaign's pilot was in spring 2023 and it concluded on June 30, 2023.

The campaign targeted the Generation Z audience. Notably, we optimized the campaigns using advanced technologies and innovative testing with exceptional results in accurately targeting the campaign's audience. For campaign communication, we selected digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and additionally conducted smaller-scale Facebook Events and 4 online webinars. The campaign featured real Coca-Cola HBC employees to establish direct and authentic communication with Generation Z, addressing topics that concern and interest this generation. As a pilot, the campaign was challenging with a small budget and short time frame for implementation.  Nevertheless, the campaign succeeded in impressing the Generation Z audience and achieving outstanding results. One of the campaign's most significant successes was its ability to increase employer preference ratings bringing up Coca-Cola HBC in the list of the  most desirable employers for Generation Z.

Campaign Objective & Challenge:

From its inception, our objective was ambitious: to position Coca-Cola HBC as the premier employer for Generation Z and to promote the program in the most effective way considering the time and budget constraints. Our aim was to familiarize this demographic with Coca-Cola HBC's career proposition and to promote an employer brand that resonated deeply with their aspirations. The campaign had to communicate dynamically and substantially with the young Generation Z seeking purpose and advancement in their careers.

GOLD Award: Best Marketing Strategy for Employer Branding: Be the No 1 Employer of Choice for Gen Z!

Winning Strategy & Innovation:

We seized the opportunity to harness our expertise in Performance Marketing to precisely engage with Generation Z. We positioned the Coca-Cola HBC proposition an advocate for empowerment and professional growth opportunities. We formed an ambitious and innovative performance strategy to promote Coca-Cola HBC's trainee program. The effectiveness of our approach was nothing short of remarkable, evident in tangible measurements and results:

  • We witnessed a surge in engagement across all social media platforms, with our message resonating with millions.

  • Generation Z didn't just passively receive our message; they actually took action, with thousands actively seeking more information about the program.

  • The interest demonstrated by Generation Z translated into a significant inflow of applications, validating the campaign's effectiveness within our targeted demographic.

GOLD Award: Best Marketing Strategy for a Limited Budget (up to 100.000€/year): Limited Budget = Unlimited Strategic Innovation!

Winning Strategy & Innovation:

We meticulously crafted a campaign precisely tailored to resonate with the right candidates of the Generation Z audience. Drawing on our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies, untethered from the constraints of large investments, we navigated the campaign's execution with versatile creativity and authenticity. The efficacy of our approach is evidenced by the outstanding results achieved across all facets of the campaign.

GOLD Award: Best Use of Social Media Marketing: Social Media Approach Tailored for Generation Z!

Winning Strategy & Innovation:

In a cluttered digital landscape brimming with transient content, "Bring Your Own Magic" made an indelible mark, standing out dynamically. We meticulously tailored our strategy to each platform, leveraging the unique strengths of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok to forge connections with Generation Z on their preferred social media platforms. The results surpassed expectations, with our strategic approach of optimizing performance for each platform individually and conducting thorough analysis of our target audience bearing fruit. The successful implementation of our Paid Social Media Marketing strategies bolstered the brand's presence and drove a surge in program applications.

SILVER Award: Best Use of Performance Marketing: The Magic of Performance Marketing for the "Bring Your Own Magic" Campaign!

Winning Strategy & Innovation:

Our strategy was anchored in precision targeting of the Generation Z audience, ensuring every budgetary allocation was judiciously invested through detailed audiences and strategic placements. Augmented by cutting-edge technologies and AI-driven analytical methods, our approach guaranteed the attraction of ideal candidates for the program. The stellar performance of our campaign across all metrics underscores the potential of Performance Marketing, especially in scenarios demanding precise targeting within limited budgets. The optimization of results is a testament to the accuracy in targeting and innovation in strategy.

The Magic of Peak Performance:

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to our dedicated Performance team members for their exceptional work and express our gratitude to Coca-Cola HBC employer branding team for their continued trust in our capabilities and performance over the years. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of setting new benchmarks in the F&B industry. Our relentless passion for peak performance ensures that we continue to leave an indelible mark on the industry landscape.


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