An Exciting Era Begins: Step into Our New Offices in the Heart of Sofia!

26 July 2023

Globe One Digital has officially set sail to a brand-new location in the heart of Sofia, in Bulgaria! As of June 1st, we are operating from our new offices in the bustling 34 Positano Street, right in the heart of the city center and its lively vibes!

A stone's throw away from the cosmopolitan Vitosha Street, brimming with fabulous restaurants, lively coffee shops, and an infectious, vibrant atmosphere. Our prime location makes commuting to work a breeze, thanks to the easy access it offers to the metro station and the city's Tram 7.

Step into our new premises and you'll find so much more than just a workspace. It's an architectural celebration of our values: innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Designed with a modern and elegant flair, the new offices capture the essence of minimalism and comfort. The soothing neutral tones breathe tranquility into the workspace, while the open work area inspires collaboration and free-flowing ideas. A well-equipped meeting room, a cozy kitchenette for lunch breaks or alternative brainstorming sessions seasoned with delicacies, and a sunny balcony create the perfect setup for recharging and exchanging innovative ideas.

Our journey began in 2014 and since then, we've experienced consistent growth, both in terms of revenue and our impressive clientele. Our portfolio is filled with industry leaders like BETANO, Vivacom, Dominos, SUZUKI, GARDENA, HUSQVARNA, TED, Alexandris Engineering, Ingiliz and many more.

So, what's the secret recipe for our success? A perfect mix of top-notch services that complement and enhance each other, and all working together to deliver unparalleled results: Performance Marketing, Technology, and Creativity.

  • Performance Marketing: We supercharge our partners' digital presence with high-impact advertising campaigns, SEO strategies, and influential marketing that maximize their reach and conversion rates. We tap into the power of digital engagement to propel brands to unprecedented heights!

  • Technology: We're at the cutting edge of tech, pioneering web development solutions and driving digital transformation. Through data science and analytics, we equip our partners to stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.

  • Creativity: As an award-winning agency, our passion lies in crafting digital experiences that captivate audiences and create lasting impressions. From web design to content strategy, we weave innovation into every project.

The move to new offices signifies the dawn of a new era for us, our team, and our partners. We envision a future filled with endless possibilities, driven by collaboration, innovation, and a shared desire to thrive in the digital landscape. And the new offices are just that: A dream office that triggers innovation and inspires our work!




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