We love data! As a digital marketing performance agency, data reporting is not only a way to present the results of our work, but a chance to optimize every campaign, draw meaningful insights and finally achieve even greater performance for your business.

Data is our main tool and ally in optimizing campaigns because it provides us the ability to find out what is actual working, and what is not. This knowledge allows us to boost our effectiveness and gain useful insights.

We think of our customers more as true co-travelers in digital success and seek to communicate in the same language. Therefore, our experienced certified engineers work to provide you with integrated statistical reports, are savvy about metrics and able to deliver strategic reports in 17 different languages.

Our reporting results are delivered on a regular basis, as we seek to provide metrics concerning traffic generation, conversion and revenue.

Traffic Reporting includes metrics about the overall Site Traffic, the Traffic Sources or Click Through Rate (CTR) metrics, which measure how many people clicked on your ads. Conversion Metrics focus on providing insights on metrics which are important during conversion, such as Conversion Rate (CVR), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Bounce Rate, as well as metrics about the number of Visits and amount of Time people spent on your site, mobile app or e-shop. Revenue Metrics are crucial to study for accomplishing better engagement, higher conversion and bigger revenues. One of the most important metrics is Return On Investment (ROI), which identifies how many visitors have converted into real online customers.

Our strategic digital and social media reports integrate detailed information on all key elements of your digital marketing efforts, provide conclusions and suggest the best ways to make improvements and develop a sophisticated and more profitable digital marketing campaign.