Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Since smartphones became the hub for our digital activities, mobile marketing evolved to one of the most powerful digital marketing areas. Latest trends tend to shape the digital marketing world: Connected devices, the Internet Of Things, the increase of mobile apps, mobile marketing automation, messaging apps, bots, location-based mobile marketing and of course mobile video are just a few for you to get started!

Add to your basket the mobile-only social media and messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and Instagram which continue to grow and mobile marketing may even come first in your strategy.

Our experience in developing advanced mobile apps, designing mobile-friendly websites and performing mobile advertising along with our comprehensive approach towards forming your digital strategy, vouch for your brand’s success.


Do you have a brilliant idea that you want to turn into business? Our forward-thinking team will build you an original application using updated tech tools and new concepts and monetize your idea.

We develop mobile applications, which offer amazing aesthetic and factual experiences to your customers. Our performance orientation allows us to establish unique mobile applications which distinguish among others.

We specialize in agile design & development of iOs, Android, Windows and HTML5 UX/UI friendly applications. We focus on safety and privacy, include cutting-edge features and promote your app with performance mobile advertising services.

Driven by excellence, we deliver unparalleled mobile marketing services.

Design & Development

Yeap, there is an App for that! We know that some stories are better shown than told and that apps have become a huge content asset in this mobile age, and this is why we are so good at it!

Our mobile development experience, as well as a performance-oriented mobile design, will transform your app into the best of what can be! We are driven by excellence and we only deliver content and services that value and retains users.

We only apply mobile designs best practices. We are your people.

Mobile SEO

Responsive web design has been on the top of our web development strategy for many years and we regard usability as the top requirement for the websites we design. We understand how search engine machines determine on results, so we develop and design websites which are mobile friendly, have great page speed and feature dynamic content.

Mobile SEO is all about context and proper structure. We think like the users, dive into identifying their mobile expectations and pay attention to the differences from the desktop site. We research and optimize ways for the users to navigate on your mobile site and inspire them to complete the conversion.

A mobile SEO strategy is not a stand-alone act, but part of long-term digital marketing campaign. One thing is certain: there is a mobile marketing channel to reach every part of your audience waiting for your business to discover. So, let’s go mobile!

Mobile Advertising


Latest researches confirm that 65% of all digital media time is spent on mobile devices, overtaking the traditional desktop usage. Mobile advertising has a record-breaking growth and we know how to get in touch with your audience through mobile ads to encourage them to try, return or recommend your app.

Mobile advertising may concern multiple channels and devices but there is only one way to create results: know-how and experience. We create personalized, targeted and performance -based mobile advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. Our mobile marketing experts use distinct types of advertising methods depending on the format of the promoted content and the technology. From mobile video programmatic marketing to mobile remarketing we always search for the best methods to create quality content and top performing mobile ads.

Mobile advertising is the future and we are happy to work with multichannel brands, which seek for innovative ways to dominate the mobile market.


The native ad is a highly engaging and effective ad unit, perfectly embedded within the host app.


360 ads utilize the device’s built-in gyroscope to provide an immersive, three-dimensional, 360-degree ad experience.

Video Ads

Video has taken over everything digital. Boost your campaigns with video ads available both as standard and rewarded video.

Interstitial Ads

From classic interstitials to animated creations, interstitial ads are considered as top performers. Generate amazing user engagement and get the most out of it.

App Walls Ads

App Walls ads call for a unique interactive design that drives top results and high conversion rate.