Mobile Marketing

Mobile Strategy


As the world becomes increasingly digital and connected, the number of ways companies have, forming their mobile strategy and getting in touch with their customers, is constantly expanding. To thrive in this new landscape, brands must understand that “mobile” carries different features as it did in the past.

There are really two areas of mobile strategy that we can focus on: mobile apps and mobile websites.

The first step when creating a mobile strategy is to technically develop a mobile-friendly website. Creating a website that will provide each user with a smooth and enjoyable experience, is the cornerstone of every aspiring brand.

Responsiveness and user-friendliness are only some of the important aspects of an efficient website. And Globe One Digital excels in providing with the latest tools and updates for a massively interactive website that will keep visitors engaged, taking actions we want them to.


It’s all about the idea. As long as you have it, we will make it work. We are open, smart and we are on the cutting edge of our field. Our team of award-winning mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and software engineers are in a constant pursue of being up-to-date with the latest IT advancements.

We specialize in the agile design & development of iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5 applications. Integration, marketing, and maintenance services are also available to clients seeking a holistic solution with cutting-edge features.

Design & Development

Yeap, there is an App for that! We know that some stories are better shown than told and that apps have become a huge content asset in this mobile age, and this is why we are so good at it!

Our mobile development experience as well as a performance oriented mobile design, will transform your app into the best of what can be! We are driven by excellence and we only deliver content and services that values and retains users.

We only apply mobile designs best practices. We are your people.

Mobile Advertising


Help your audience stay abreast of your latest news by sending them informative and useful newsletters. Developing the appropriate newsletter according to your overall marketing goal requires experience and know- how. We have been studying ways to create attractive and engaging content that gains people’s attention for many different markets and industries. So now, we know: The key to success is to create valuable newsletters that your customers need in their inbox.

Our job is to keep your customers’ inboxes bubbling with specials, deals, promotions, tips, information, events, and contests. We develop newsletters that become a highly profitable online marketing tactic.

The very nature of mobile devices, calls for a personalized approach with precisely targeted advertising campaigns for the best possible performance. Advertise on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and many other networks.
A number of mobile advertising trends have emerged to support that. And we are definitely the right type of experts to give your brand a boost and achieve higher levels of ROI.


The native ad is a highly engaging and effective ad unit, perfectly embedded within the host app.


360 ads utilize the device’s built-in gyroscope to provide an immersive, three-dimensional, 360-degree ad experience.

Video Ads

Video has taken over everything digital. Boost your campaigns with video ads available both as standard and rewarded video.

Interstitial Ads

From classic interstitials to animated creations, interstitial ads are considered as top performers. Generate amazing user engagement and get the most out of it.

App Walls Ads

App Walls ads call for a unique interactive design that drives top results and high conversion rate.