Data Analysis

Attracting more web and mobile traffic to your site and convert more visitors into clients, is every business’ ultimate goal. But in order to do this more effectively, you need to know where your web and mobile traffic originates from, how new visitors discovered your company and its services and how they behave on your website.

Our certified and highly experienced Google Analytics Consultants can help you to track both the performance of your website and the one of our advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics Engineering includes:
Dashboards, Events, Funnels, Tagging & Custom Reporting

Reporting & Analysis

Our team of SEO executives are Google Analytics certified partners and will send detailed reports every month displaying data about the monthly search traffic increase on the websites, the location of the incoming traffic, the bounce rates on specific pages, pages per visit and many other metrics of great importance

Suggestions on keywords, onsite changes, strategy changes, content enrichment/creation as well as a competition status and analysis and other actions with great impact on our performance, will also be performed on schedule.


Popular examples of E-Commerce include selling and buying online.

We conduct extensive data analysis to optimize your website and customize your content in order to match your client information.

We personalize e-mail marketing, explore predictive ordering and create powerful cross-selling and upselling features in order to boost your online sales.